In a crisis, your communities are everything.

Your communities help you stay connected with your fellow human beings.

They help you navigate times of adversity.

They help you find opportunities.

And, when it comes to your marketing efforts, they can also be an invaluable source of content.

This is particularly true at a time when your business may be slower than usual or even come to a complete stand-still.

Even if your business is on a temporary hiatus, the importance of remaining at the front of mind for your audience is paramount at this time.

If you’ve built an audience on your social channels, regardless of whether the size of that audience is in double digits, triple digits, four digits or beyond, it’s essential you continue to put yourself and your business in front of that business.

But when you’re not working, when customers aren’t coming into your place of business, how do you find content to share?

Here are a few ways you can turn to your communities for great content you can use on your marketing channels.


At Content Hype, we’ve seen the importance of community in our clients’ various industries and within our own daily work life.

On our own channels, we’ve looked to our community of business owners to launch our first video discussion series called “Pivot Point”.

By effectively giving a mix of clients and members within our community the chance to share their insights into how they are conducting business in this time, we are leveraging the fantastic efforts of those within our community to ensure we can keep churning out content that gets people interacting with our brand and engaging with the people and stories from our business network.

Hopefully, we’re also inspiring people with valuable insights into how businesses in different industries can pivot their offering, keep their doors open and perhaps even thrive in these challenging times.

Ask around if your employers have any interesting stories they can tell.

As another example, here’s a video we hosted and helped produce for our clients at Essendon Royals Soccer Club, showcasing one of the club’s sponsors.



Your happy clients and customers are your biggest advocates and you’d be surprised how willing they will be if you ask them to submit content.

It might be a photo of them using your product. It might be a testimonial for your services.

We have been inundated with community content from members of the Essendon Royals Soccer Club, which demonstrates how its members remain engaged with the club and the community it represents.

All we had to do was ask players and parents to send in videos of their home-training efforts, either doing their own routine or one prescribed by the club and/or their coaches.


We love helping businesses turn their success stories into case studies that engage their audiences.

We wrote extensively about the importance of taking your great testimonials and turning them into great content HERE.

Here are a few case studies we’ve worked on in the last month or so.


Run a competition!

Do you need a new name for your menu? Need a name for your new series of blogs or videos?

Whatever it is, open it up to your communities and share the best submissions. Maybe you can even let your audience decide the winner with a poll.


If you haven’t already, it might be a good idea to kick off a Facebook group that members of your community can join.

The discussions that occur in these groups can give you valuable insights into the opportunities that may exist for you.

Of course, Content Hype can help you with the execution for any of these ideas.

If you’re looking for a bit of help, simply fill out the form below!