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Marketing is a complex beast.

There are many pieces of the “marketing pie”, from branding to digital advertising and social media.

Content Hype’s holistic range of marketing services can help you develop a sound marketing strategy and conquer the “pie” one piece at a time.


Whether you’re a digital dynamo or a network king, everything comes back to strategy.

No matter which pieces of the marketing pie you spend most of your time on, a strong strategy is crucial to ensuring your messaging is on-brand and your communication style integrates seamlessly with your marketing collateral.

And at the heart of every great marketing strategy is a brilliant story.

Something that you can lean on to capture your audience and leave them wanting more.

Content Hype’s range of services can effectively be split into three broad categories: 

What does your ideal client look like?

What problems do they have that you can solve?

Where can we find them?

What story-telling opportunities exist in your business?

Just some of the questions we will be asking as we get to the bottom of what your marketing strategy shoud look like and voice should sound like.

A sound marketing plan will inform our content strategy and execution moving forward.

Strategy gives a much clearer vision for how your marketing should be executed.

Content Hype specialises in bringing together a range of services to create an effective range of content you can use across your marketing channels.

From articles to imagery to video – Content Hype and our network of specialsts can craft brilliant content to engage and capture your target market.

Over the course of your business experience, you’re going to find yourself constantly engaging in different types of marketing practices.

The more pieces of the marketing pie you look to tap into, the more stakeholders you need to involve.

From digital marketing to video production, dealing with and making sense of all the different marketing options out there can be difficult.

Content Hype works diligently to produce  strong relationships with marketing specialists in a range of fields, from video production to photography and website design specialists.

If you don’t have an in-house marketing manager, managing these external stakeholders can be hard. Content Hype can take the stress out of this by coordinating your marketing efforts and providing you one simple monthly report.



Content Hype’s services can be packaged together into an ongoing marketing and content solution, or used on an “as required” basis.

If you’ve been thinking about increasing your marketing output, but want to dip your toes in the water before launching into a managed service, get in touch with Content Hype today to arrange for an obligation-free 30-minute marketing consultation.



If you find yourself doing lots of different “marketing things”, but are struggling to understand how one relates to the other, you might need some help with your marketing strategy.



Marketing Plans

We sit down and work together to understand the current state of your marketing.

If you have a plan, is that plan working?

If you don’t have a plan, what should your plan look like?

We help you put together a coherent marketing strategy plan which is easy to follow.

If you need help on the execution side of things, we can help with that too.

Marketing Plans are included in any ongoing engagement with Content Hype, or available as a one-off practice.

What You Get:

2 x 1-hour strategy session

Up to three “Ideal Client Profiles”

Custom Marketing Plan


Content Strategy

Not to be confused with your marketing plan, a content strategy is where we plot out the various content opportunities within your business and match them to your most relevant communication channels.

If you already have a marketing plan you’re happy with, but need help planning the content you require to execute your plan, this service is for you.

A Content Hype content strategy will show you where the story-telling opportunities lie within your business and how they can be used to consistently demonstrate your value proposition.

Content Strategies are included in most ongoing engagements with Content Hype, or available as a one-off service. 

What You Get:

2 x 1-hour strategy session

Up to three Content Piece Profiles

Customer Content Strategy & Action Plan



You’ve got the plan, you know what you need to do, but you’re a time-poor business owner or marketing manager who needs some support in getting things done. 

Blogging & Copywriting

We work together to craft blog posts, web pages, brochures that do whatever you need them to do.

Whether you’re making a play as a thought leader in your space and want industry leading content on your website, or you’re putting together your latest marketing brochue and need copywriting to make it pop, this service is for you.

At Content Hype, our copywriting and blogging services are collaborative. We involve our clients heavily in the process to ensure the highest level of authenticity and uniqueness of your business and people.

News, Announcements & Press Releases

Content Hype can help you share your big news by crafting authoritative news pieces which tell your audience about your latest news.

Perfect for businesses with pressing needs when it comes to sharing company news and/or announcements.

Also important for semi-professional and amateur sporting clubs and associations with pressing communication needs.

Announce your new office, your latest merger/acquisition, key appointment or big client with the article it deserves.

Our range of media contacts means we can leverage your news into potential media coverage via targeted press releases.


Case Studies

Sure, a testimonial or a five-star Google review is nice, but a good outcome and a happy customer can be so much more for your business.

Happy customers are a business’ biggest marketing asset.

They are living, breathing proof that your business does what it says it does and solves the problems your customers need solving.

Content Hype can take satisfied customers and delightful outcomes and turn them into gripping case studies that showcase your value to the world.

We build case studies into gripping narratives that seamlessly tell great stories whilst demonstrating the quality and value of your services.

Internal Communications

Making sure your people and existing cusomters and stakeholders are getting the message can be just as important as your external marketing efforts.

As your business grows, so does the challenge of ensuring consistent communication from you and your executive team down to the people you rely on to represent you and your company.

Alternatively, you may need to get a message out to customers, referrers or other members of your business and/or community.

Content Hype’s internal communications service can help your craft engaging messages to your staff, customers and other stakeholders.


Unless you have an in-house marketing manager, managing your marketing output and/or contractors can be difficult.

Content Hype can help you manage your various marketing services to ensure you only have one point of contact for all your marketing needs.


Website Management

From WordPress to Squarespace, Content Hype can take care of your website management needs.

From the creation of new services pages to posting your brand new blogs, news and other content, we make website management easy.

We also manage website analytics to ensure you understand how people are coming to your website and what they do when they get there.

Social Media Management

Whether you are on one social media channel or all of them, Content Hype can take the stress out of managing your social media.

We work with you to determine a posting schedule and all other related assets.

We then measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts to ensure we are continuously optimising your content output.

Newsletter Management

Newsletters are a great way to ensure you continue to engage with your audience.

Whether you’re starting a mailing list from scratch or compiled thousands of emails over the years, we can help you manage your email list and deliver fantastic newsletters to an agreed schedule.

This is a great service when combined with Content Hype’s copywriting, blogging and news services.


Marketing Management

If you find yourself dealing with a range of marketing consultants for a variety of different specialties, Content Hype’s Marketing Management services can help.

We have great experience when it comes to working as an in-house marketing manager and understand the importance of providing clear and concise reporting for executive and management teams.

If you need to streamline the management of your marketing practices and need help making sense of the reports flying across your desk, get in touch today.


the content hype workflow

Content Hype provides a holistic range of digital and content marketing services. You’ll never have to worry about where that next blog post, social media update or newsletter is going to come from again.

Content Hype works within your business to identify key brand messages, generate gripping story concepts and brings them to life with a range of content solutions.

Content Hype can be your personal publishing machine or your one-off messaging consultant. We work with you to tell and share your story, as often as you need us to.




We sit down and work together to understand the current state of your marketing efforts.

Is there a plan in place? Are you following it? Or do you need a new plan from scratch?

Once we find our feet, we start to think about your target market, the problems you can solve for them and the best way we can possibly communicate those solutions to them.

Are there already rich story-telling opportunities that exist within your business? Can we leverage them to create engaging content?



With our research completed, we’ll have a lot more answers than questions.

With those answers we begin to plot our strategy.

We begin to plot our marketing and content strategies.

We craft concepts which will effectively communicate your business’ value proposition with great content.

We develop a timeline of content and communication delivery to ensure your messages are in front of your intended audience as often as possible.




Content Generation

If you’re a business owner, you probably can’t scroll through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter without Gary Vaynerchuck or some other modern-day marketing guru screaming at you to “make more content”.

But what content do you need to make? Our research and strategy phases will answer these questions.

Now, it’s time to generate the content.

From new web pages, blog articles, social media posts, imagery and video, Content Hype and our network of brilliant content creators will take care of all your content needs.


Communication Management

Now that we’ve got your content, we need to share it with the world.

Content Hype will help you share your news with the world via the most appropriate channels.

Content Hype can help you manage the following channels:


  • Word Press Websites
  • Wix Websites
  • Squarespace Websites
  • Newsletter (EDM) Campaigns
  • Social Media Channels
  • Public Relations
  • + More

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