Looking for the perfect studio to record your podcast? Content Hype has you covered!

We can proudly announce that our professional recording space is ready for any audio or video projects of your desire.

Located at 1/2 Walker St, Moonee Ponds, conveniently right to Puckle St and with easy access to the city, our studio is the perfect solution for those looking to launch a podcast, conduct an interview or even as a quiet space to record your next batch of reels, Tik Toks or video project.

All studio bookings come with the set, furniture, two professional Rode mics, and access to a Rodecaster for your productions needs, with production staff available if you require assistance.

You can also bring your own cameras for video content, or feel free to hire our own.

Content Hype can also assist with any pre-production and post-production needs. From podcast planning to organising guests and bookings through to audio and video editing. We have you covered!

The studio could also be used for:

  • Batch video content creation
  • Voiceover recording
  • Product Photography

Got another use in mind? Let us know!

Here’s an example of some of the work we have conducted in the Content Hype studio:

Get in touch for any enquiries about the availability of our studio! Our booking page allows you to book in your session. Or book in using the embed below:

Why Use a Podcast Studio to Start a Podcast for Your Business?

As a business owner, you might be wondering if podcasting is worth the investment. At Content Hype, we believe that podcasting offers numerous benefits that can help you grow your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Here are just a few reasons why starting a podcast could be a game-changer for your business:

  1. Increase Brand Visibility: By creating valuable content and distributing it on popular streaming platforms, you can reach new audiences and turn listeners into loyal customers.
  2. Establish Thought Leadership: Sharing your industry knowledge and expertise through a podcast can help you build credibility and become a go-to resource in your niche.
  3. Build Relationships: Podcasting allows you to network with industry experts, potential partners, and your listeners, fostering strong relationships that can lead to business growth.
  4. Generate Leads: By providing valuable content and promoting lead magnets, you can use your podcast to build your email list and convert listeners into paying customers.
  5. Enhance Content Marketing: Repurposing your podcast episodes into blog posts, social media content, and videos can help you reach a wider audience and maximize the impact of your content.
  6. Monetise Your Podcast: As your podcast grows, you can explore sponsorships, advertisements, and affiliate marketing to generate additional revenue for your business.

At Content Hype, our new podcast studio is equipped with everything you need to create high-quality audio and video content that will help you achieve these benefits and more. Whether you’re looking to launch a new podcast, conduct interviews, or create engaging video content, our professional recording space and experienced team are here to help you every step of the way. Book your session today and take the first step towards growing your business through podcasting!