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We help businesses create engaging content that connects with their ideal prospects. From blogs to graphics and video, we offer a range of content creation services to improve your online presence.

What We Do

Our focus is on delivering high-quality content that converts and delivers a fantastic ROI for your spend.

We offer a range of services, including:

  • Content strategy
  • Articles and blogs
  • Copywriting for newsletters and emails
  • Web copywriting and social media posts
  • Case studies
  • Copywriting, layout, and design for eBooks
  • Graphic design for social media
  • Video production

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Marketing Expertise for Every Niche

Whatever sort of content you need to aid your marketing efforts, we can produce it.

Our focus is on delivering high-quality content that converts and delivers a fantastic ROI for your spend, in line with your goals and expectations.
Whether it’s copy for a new website, graphics for your social media or video to showcase a new service, Content Hype can get it done.

We strive to make content marketing accessible for businesses of all shapes and sizes so that they can connect with their target audience and change the world through their products and services.


Content Hype has worked with a hugely diverse range of businesses, but we have had particular success working with:

  • Professional Services Businesses.
  • Start-ups, including Technology/SaaS Companies
  • Sports Clubs

Check out our various areas of service to learn more about our content marketing agency in Melbourne and how we can help you improve your business:

New To Content Hype! Content Hype Studio | Podcast Studio Melbourne

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a business owner looking to stand out from the crowd, our Content Hype studio offers an exceptional, affordable and quiet space to make your content dreams come true.

Perfect for a professional podcast production, audio recording, or simply shooting high quality short-form video content for social media, the Content Hype podcast recording studio in Melbourne offers you an acoustically treated space to work on your next project.

Content Marketing That Converts

There’s a big difference between content marketing and simply posting content.

Effective content marketing strategies involve creating high-quality content that addresses your audience’s needs and drives conversions.

At Content Hype, our team of experienced professionals can help you create content that engages and converts your target audience.

We work with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to major corporations, so we know just how to produce engaging, high-quality content that will change the way your business is seen.

If you are a:

  • Business Owner
  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Agency Owner

And you want:

  • To get off the hamster wheel of content creation
  • Content that is formulated with your target audience in mind
  • To work with professionals who value your time and your money
  • Improved ROI on your marketing spend

You need to connect with our Melbourne Content Marketing Agency today.

Copywriting for case studies


What Our Customers Say

Based on 21 reviews
george power
george power
October 15, 2023
As the Club President of Bombala Cricket Club, I am thrilled to express our utmost satisfaction with the exemplary work done by Content Hype. Their team has been instrumental in elevating our club's media presence to new heights. From crafting a meticulous social media strategy to delivering top-notch graphic design work, they have truly transformed our digital footprint. Their innovative approach to our social media content not only enhanced our online presence but also significantly engaged our community and supporters in a way we hadn’t seen before. Moreover, their invaluable assistance in developing our sponsorship packages was a game-changer, ensuring we could effectively acknowledge and collaborate with our sponsors. The professionalism, creativity, and genuine understanding of our club’s values and objectives make Content Hype a standout partner in our journey. Thank you to the entire team for being a pivotal part of our club’s ongoing success and growth. We look forward to many more seasons of fruitful collaboration!
Sally Luscombe
Sally Luscombe
October 14, 2023
Over the past 12 months, Luscombe Tiles has had the pleasure of working closely with Matt and the team at Content Hype for our managed monthly content services. Their adept ability to craft engaging and SEO-friendly product descriptions, innovative articles, and various other content requirements has been nothing short of exemplary. We have utmost trust in Matt, even to the extent of interviewing our clients and partners as part of his thorough research process. The quality of content delivered has not only met but consistently exceeded our expectations, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the SEO performance of our website and significantly impacting our business positively through digital channels. A heartfelt thank you to Content Hype for being a reliable and highly skilled content partner!
Sean Nicoll
Sean Nicoll
October 12, 2023
Content Hype, and particularly Matt, have been brilliant to work with. Matt has meticulous attention to detail and is a very prompt communicator. Matt was able to help the business while we were without a designer for a week, recently and exceeded the standard we had set. Advertising materials prepared have met the benchmark standard that is expected at AusPac Solar - His work has recently helped the business generate leads with our recent in-market offering going into summer. His adverts have generated the business more leads than anything generated in-house which was pleasing. We recommend working with Matt for any design work required of your business.
March 28, 2023
Our business has been utilising the skills of Matt at Content Hype for a couple years now. They make our lives so much easier where we don't have to think about what to write in our brochures, presentations and newsletters anymore as we can leave it on the capable hands of Matt and the team.
Katie Frost
Katie Frost
May 9, 2022
I can highly recommend working with Content Hype. We worked with Matt to overhaul our company website and the structure of our social media. Matt really listened and understood our requirements and the messaging we wanted to get across with our content. He is flexible, reliable and provides a great service.
Hugh Jamaly
Hugh Jamaly
May 2, 2022
Worked with Matthew for redo of our website's contents, we had a meeting to discuss our requirements in which we went through quite a bit of details to get the right message across. the team is patient and really understand the requirements prior to providing the content. we got the right content in the first go with very minor adjustments. highly recommended.
Simon James
Simon James
April 19, 2022
I 1st used the team at Content Hype to write a small item ( LinkedIn Profile) for me becasue I had never used a copywriter before and was unsure how it would go... Well, since then I've used Content Hype to re-do my whole web site from top to bottom. They are also writing 4 blog posts each month for me. Every time I ask for a new item it's like they are inside my own mind, but they make my thoughts sound way more elegant and professional than I ever could. I 100% recommend Content Hype for all of your Copywriting needs.
Owen Smith
Owen Smith
October 21, 2020
Matt was on the spot with every level of service, from being professional, value for money, quick turn around and easy and friendly to deal with. I would recommend Content Hype for sure. Owen Noble Amor Property Solutions
Michael Eagar
Michael Eagar
October 14, 2020
Matt provided an outstanding all round service - his quality of work, communication and efficiency was excellent and will be looking to use his services again in the near future
Rohan Gorringe
Rohan Gorringe
October 14, 2020
Matthew has once again delivered a great outcome for our business. The Endorphin Wealth website changes are terrific. Matthew engaged really well with our various team members as he executed the brief. Will certainly use Matthew again!

Your Reliable Content Marketing Agency


Standing out from the crowd can be tough. It’s not enough to just have good content – you need to have volume, too. Content Hype’s creative storytelling techniques will help you find new and exciting ways to share your success and expertise, all while winning new clients along the way.

What We Provide

Content Hype provides a holistic range of digital and content marketing services. You’ll never have to worry about where that next blog post, social media update or newsletter is going to come from again. Content Hype works within your business to identify key brand messages, generate gripping story concepts and brings them to life. Content Hype can be your personal publishing machine or your one-off messaging consultant. We work with you to tell and share your story, as often as you need us to.


What makes you and your business special? What makes you stand out?

Content Hype works with you to tease out your points of difference and develops strategies to effectively communicate those points with current and prospective customers, as well as your staff and referrers.

Content Generation

If you’re a business owner, you probably can’t scroll through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter without Gary Vaynerchuck or some other modern-day marketing guru screaming at you to “make more content”.

But what content do you need to make?

Stop staring at that blank Tweet or Facebook status.

Content Hype’s keen eye for a story will show you just how much you and your business has to share with the world and help you generate rich, business-winning content.

Communication Management

Now that we’ve got your content, we need to share it with the world.

Content Hype will help you share your news with the world via the most appropriate channels, be it social media, via press release or ongoing communication methods such as monthly newsletters.

Why Does Your Business Need Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

When you produce content that is aligned with your target audience’s interests, you attract qualified leads and build trust and credibility with them.

Content Marketing also allows you to nurture relationships with customers and prospects by providing them with information that is relevant to their needs.

Content Marketing can help you:
  • Generate leads
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase brand awareness and recognition
  • Nurture relationships with customers and prospects
  • Position yourself as an expert in your industry
Content Marketing is important for your business because it helps you attract qualified leads, build trust and credibility, and increase brand awareness.

Let's Work Together

Content Hype understands the importance of Content Marketing and can help you develop a content marketing strategy that will drive results.

We offer copywriting, content creation, and distribution services that will help you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.

If you’re looking for a content marketing agency that can help you produce content that is aligned with your target audience’s interests, contact Content Hype today.

Whether you’re looking for some free guidelines, or need ongoing consistent help with your Content Markerting efforts, we’re here for you.

Content Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Content Marketing can feel like a massive mountain to climb for small businesses.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Content Hype we believe that even small and medium-sized businesses deserve to access all the benefits of content marketing, and we are here to help you on your way.

Our content marketing solutions for small businesses are designed to be affordable and effective, so you can get the most out of your content marketing efforts.

We offer a range of services including content creation, copywriting, and distribution. We can also help you develop a content marketing strategy that is aligned with your business goals.

Content Hype provides the following lead-generating Content Marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses:
  • content strategy development
  • content creation
  • content distribution
We can help you create a range of content for your business’ marketing in line with your content strategy, including:
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media content
  • Video content
  • Graphic content
  • Podcasts and audio content
And more!

Content Marketing for B2B

Strategy in chess

Does your business rely heavily on B2B marketing?

Content Hype is here to help!

Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of any B2B business.

By creating content that is interesting and engaging, you can keep your business top-of-mind with your referral partners, and they are more likely to refer business your way.

The question is…

Can your B2B business afford NOT to invest in your content marketing?

We have an extensive track record helping our clients provide content that B2B referrers love and make it as easy as possible for existing and new referral partners to continue to send work your way.

By delivering content that educates, informs and entertains your referral partners, you stay top-of-mind as their trusted advisor and they are more likely to refer business your way.

Strategy in chess
Copywriting for emails
Our content marketing services for B2B businesses include:
  • Copywriting
  • Communications
  • Content strategy development
  • Content creation
  • Content distribution
We can help you create content that is tailored to your target audience, including:
  • Blog posts
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • infographics
  • Webinars
And more!

At Content Hype, we understand the importance of content marketing for B2B businesses, and we are here to help you create content that will delight your referral partners and help you grow your business.

Contact us today for a free consultation about your B2B Content Marketing needs.

Content for Lead Generation

Content Marketing Analysis

Content plays a crucial role in the generation of leads for a business.

There is no shortage of valuable content you can offer your audience in exchange for their contact details, and the great thing about content marketing in the modern day is that audiences are more than willing to offer an email address in exchange for information and content that they think will help them.

If you are looking to take your lead generation to the next level, then it’s time to take content marketing seriously.

Content Marketing Analysis

At Content Hype, our content marketing services are designed to help you generate leads through the creation and distribution of content that is valuable to your target audience.

We can help you create content that provides answers to your audience’s questions, offers insights into your industry, and entertains them with great content.

Our team is highly experienced in helping business owners understand the resources they can create that will offer the most value to their target audience, all whilst reinforcing your brand as THE go-to authority figure within your industry.

From eBooks to online courses, Content Hype can assist with the planning, resourcing, creation and distribution of your lead generation resources to get your sales team flooded with enquiries.

If you are ready to start generating leads with content marketing, then contact Content Hype today. We offer a free consultation to discuss your content marketing needs.



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