Pivot Point: A discussion about how businesses continue to operate amidst a pandemic lock-down.

Introducing: Pivot Point

Pivot Point is a new video series Content Hype director Matthew Galea has been working on which sees him chat to business owners about how their companies are changing in these challenging times.

The outbreak of the coronavirus and the necessary restrictions enforced to slow and control its spread have had an undeniable impact on the way we do business.

But whilst these are incredibly tough times, there are also great stories out there from business owners who have found a way to pivot their business and continue to serve their clientele.

Pivot Point is a discussion based on four questions.

  1. How has the outbreak and enforced restrictions affected your business?
  2. How has this affected your industry as a whole?
  3. What opportunities have you noticed in your industry and how is your business adapting to take advantage of them?
  4. How will your industry have changed when this is all over?

We hope that these videos provide business owners with inspiration and ideas they can apply in their own businesses, whilst also providing some interesting insights into how businesses are continuing to operate in these times.

Our first interview is with Kazween Boiko from Marker Realty.

Marker Realty is a property management agency which was founded on the concept of being a mobile agency.

This has given Kazween and her team some notable advantages in this time, but still, this unique period has provided plenty of challenges.

To help her customers in these challenging times, Marker Realty is also offering the first month of management for free to any new clients.

Head to Marker Realty’s website to learn more about Kaz and the team.