In the crowded marketplace of 2024, distinguishing your brand requires more than just listing features. It’s about highlighting the benefits and outcomes your products or services deliver. This approach resonates more with customers and builds stronger connections and trust. 

At Content Hype, we’ve seen the impact of having a benefits-focused copywriter on your side.

Why Focusing on Benefits is Crucial

It is crucial to focus on benefits rather than features in copywriting because it speaks directly to the customer’s needs and desires. While features describe what a product or service does, benefits explain why it matters to the customer and how it improves their life or solves their problem. This approach builds a stronger emotional connection and makes the message more compelling.

Identifying the Target Audience

Our primary audience for this blog post includes small business owners and marketers who are looking to enhance their copywriting skills. This group often understands the theoretical difference between features and benefits but might struggle to implement this understanding effectively in their copywriting. They may know that benefits are important but default to listing features because it’s more straightforward.

Building Connections with a Benefits-Focused Copywriter

Benefits-focused copywriting helps build stronger connections and trust by demonstrating empathy and understanding of the customer’s needs. It shows that the brand is not just selling a product but offering a solution that adds value to the customer’s life. Common mistakes marketers make include using technical jargon, failing to address customer pain points, and missing opportunities to create emotional connections.

Practical Steps to Shift from Features to Benefits

To shift focus from features to benefits, a copywriter can ask “So what?” after each feature to uncover the underlying benefit. For example, instead of saying, “Our software has a user-friendly interface,” say, “Our software’s user-friendly interface means you can complete tasks faster and more efficiently, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.”

Tools and Resources for Benefits-Focused Copywriting

Incorporating the right tools and frameworks can significantly enhance your ability to craft compelling benefits-focused copy. Two highly effective tools we recommend are the Value Proposition Canvas and the FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits) framework. At Content Hype, we utilise these tools during brainstorming sessions to ensure our content aligns with customer needs. We also incorporate customer testimonials to highlight real-world benefits and build credibility.

Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas helps you understand your customer’s needs and how your product or service fulfils those needs. It consists of two main components: the Customer Avatar and the Value Map.

  • Customer Avatar: Identifies customer jobs (tasks they are trying to accomplish), pains (challenges or problems), and gains (desired outcomes or benefits).
  • Value Map: Outlines your product or service’s features, pain relievers, and gain creators.

Practical Example:

Imagine you’re marketing a project management tool. Using the Value Proposition Canvas, you identify that your target customers are project managers (customer profile) who need to streamline their workflow (customer job), struggle with team coordination (pain), and want to improve project delivery times (gain). You then map your tool’s features (value map) to address these needs: task automation (pain reliever) and real-time collaboration features (gain creator).

FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits) Framework

The FAB framework helps you transform feature-focused statements into benefits-focused ones by clearly linking features to advantages and benefits.

  • Features: The factual attributes of your product or service.
  • Advantages: What the features do.
  • Benefits: Why the advantages matter to the customer.

Practical Example:

Consider a new ergonomic office chair. The feature might be its adjustable lumbar support. The advantage is that it customises to the user’s back for optimal support. The benefit is reduced back pain and increased comfort, improving productivity and well-being.

Applying FAB:

Feature: Adjustable lumbar support

Advantage: Customizes to the user’s back

Benefit: Reduces back pain, increases comfort, and improves productivity

Future Trends and Insights

As consumers become more savvy, the trend of benefits-focused copywriting will likely become even more important. Authentic, benefits-focused copy from a professional copywriter will help differentiate genuine brands from generic content, especially with the rise of AI-generated content. Consumers are increasingly looking for brands that understand and address their unique needs and challenges.

Case studies and testimonials are particularly important here, as they demonstrate that the benefits you are writing are more than marketing words to make a sale. Showcasing the real-life difference your products and services have made will bring the benefits you have spoken about to life.

Incorporating Benefits-Focused Copywriting at Content Hype

At Content Hype, we deeply understand our client’s target audiences and pain points. Our copywriting then focuses on how our client’s products or services solve these problems and improve customers’ lives. This approach ensures that the copywriter-produced content is relevant, engaging, and effective. Our advice to other content marketing agencies is always to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, focus on the value your clients’ products bring to their lives, and use storytelling to make an emotional connection.

By emphasising benefits over features, your copywriting can create stronger connections with customers, differentiate your brand, and ultimately drive growth. At Content Hype, we’re committed to helping you achieve these goals through expert content ideation and production, leveraging our podcasting studio for efficient content creation.

Let’s work together to elevate your content marketing efforts.