Idea management and generation are two of the most critical tools in any content marketing agency‘s toolkit. So they’re equally important skills for any business – big or small – looking to make a splash on social media.

As the need to consistently show up on multiple channels—ranging from social media platforms to websites and email campaigns—continues to grow, the ability to generate and manage ideas effectively becomes increasingly crucial. Many small to medium-sized businesses struggle with maintaining consistency and, more importantly, quality in their marketing efforts. This often boils down to difficulties in idea generation and the inability to organize existing ideas into actionable workflows.

Why Idea Management Matters

Idea management is essential because it transforms raw thoughts into realized marketing assets. Without a systematic approach, even the best content ideas can be lost in the shuffle or poorly executed. At Content Hype, we’ve honed our idea management process to ensure that we not only capture great ideas but also turn them into impactful marketing content.

The Concept of a “Second Brain”

Tiago Forte’s concept of the “second brain” involves creating an external, trusted system for storing and organising ideas. This approach frees up mental space, enhances productivity, and unlocks creative potential. While the details of this concept will be explored further, it’s crucial to understand that having a second brain allows marketers to manage the constant influx of information effectively.

Our Tools and Methods for Capturing Ideas

At Content Hype, we use ClickUp to manage our ideas, insights, and knowledge. When we find an article we like, we create a task to review it, analyze it, and identify key concepts. We then consider what types of content we can create based on these concepts. Other sources of inspiration include content we’ve previously worked on and want to showcase, or engaging TikToks we aim to respond to. ClickUp helps us capture these ideas efficiently, but other tools like Trello or Google Sheets can work just as well.

Organizing Ideas with Our Unique Workflow

Once ideas are captured in ClickUp, we organize them into a structured workflow. Ideas are either accepted and pushed into our content creation process or rejected. Occasionally, we revisit the rejected ideas with fresh perspectives. Our organization process for Content Hype content includes three main stages:

  1. Ideation: Fleshing out the ideas. What content will we create?
  2. Creation: Producing the required content.
  3. Post Production: Finalizing the content, which varies by type—copy, video, or graphic/visual design.

Our method differs from the PARA framework (Projects, Areas of Responsibility, Resources, Archives) due to our smaller team and specific needs.

Distilling Ideas into Actionable Content

Our notes transition from rough drafts to detailed briefs that cover two main aspects:

  • Content: What is the content’s key message?
  • Design/Visual: How will it be laid out, shot, or designed?

This step ensures that when we move to the creation stage, we have a clear and concise plan to follow.

Efficient Content Creation and Post Production

Organized and distilled ideas streamline the content creation process. We typically wait until we have 5-10 ideas ready for creation and focus on producing all the content at once. Post-production is handled separately for each content type, whether it involves sub-editing articles, editing videos, or finalizing graphic designs.

The Power of Vertical 16:9 Videos

One of the most versatile content types we use is vertical 16:9 videos. These videos are powerful tools for cross-channel marketing due to their adaptability across various platforms. Here’s why they are essential:

  1. Cross-Channel Versatility: Vertical 16:9 videos are easily transferrable across Instagram Reels, TikTok, and emerging platforms like YouTube Shorts. This adaptability maximizes the reach and engagement of your content without needing significant adjustments for different platforms.
  2. Optimized for Mobile Viewing: While some suggest that portrait videos are better suited for platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, the reality is that most users engage with these platforms on their phones. Vertical videos provide a better viewing experience on mobile devices, making your content more engaging and visually appealing to your audience.
  3. Efficient Production: Creating vertical 16:9 videos streamlines the production process. By focusing on a format that works across multiple platforms, you can produce content more efficiently and maintain consistency in your branding and messaging.

You can use the Content Hype Podcast Studio as a quiet, dedicated space for your next batch of Vertical Videos for Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, TikToks and YouTube Shorts!

Commitment to the Process – A final word from our Melbourne Content Marketing Agency

The most crucial piece of advice we can offer is to commit to your chosen system. Whether you use ClickUp, Trello, or another tool, consistency is key. Ensure that everyone involved in the process adheres to it. For instance, if Trello is your chosen platform, avoid using other communication methods like WhatsApp that might bypass your organized system.

Mastering idea management and implementing a structured workflow are essential for maintaining quality and consistency in your marketing efforts. By capturing, organizing, distilling, and expressing ideas effectively, marketers can enhance their creative potential and produce impactful content consistently. At Content Hype, our approach to idea management has become a cornerstone of our success, and we encourage other marketers to find and commit to a system that works for them.

Our approach to managing digital marketing ideas has empowered us to consistently generate fresh content ideas and transform them into engaging marketing content ideas. This ensures that our clients always have a steady stream of high-quality, relevant content to support their marketing goals.

At Content Hype, we can assist with content ideation and have a podcasting studio perfect for batching content production. Whether you need help generating ideas or creating polished content, we have the tools and expertise to support your marketing efforts.

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